EuclidIQ has developed an innovative compression technology that applies perceptual quality optimization (PQO)  to standard H.264 encoding. This technology considers the Human Visual System and optimizes human perception and its gains are best measured through subjective testing. For this purpose, a subjective testing approach was needed that would produce meaningful results without being prohibitive in terms of time or cost.

The white paper presented here details the resulting subjective test methodology that provides a way to:

  • Prove the benefits of the PQO technology to current and potential customers; and
  • Measure the overall compression benefit of  the PQO technology is developed and productized.

The ideas in the white paper can be modified and tailored to specific application needs, resulting in alternative subjective test methodologies.

Download our white paper,  Subjective Test Methodology Design for Perceptual Quality Optimization, to learn more about subjective testing.

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