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The Transcoder with a Human Touch


Webinar - Rithm AI Transcoder

Webinar: Rithm AI Cloud TranscoderWebinar – Rithm: The Content-Adaptive Transcoder With a Human Touch.
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Smart Model Libraries in the Cloud

EuclidVision VideoEuclidVision and the Future of Video Compression: Smart Model Libraries in the Cloud.
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White Papers


EuclidIQ Subjective Test Methodology Design for Perceptual Quality Optimization White Paper

EuclidIQ has been developing an innovative compression technology called IQ264 that applies perceptual quality optimization (PQO) that integrates consideration of the HVS to improve standard H.264 encoding. Because IQ264 optimizes human perception, its gains are best measured through subjective testing. For this purpose, a subjective testing approach was needed that would produce meaningful results without being prohibitive in terms of time or cost.

The white paper presented here details the resulting subjective test methodology that provides a way to:

  • Prove the benefits of the IQ264 PQO technology to current and potential customers; and
  • Measure the overall compression benefit of IQ264 as the PQO technology is developed and productized.

The ideas in the white paper can be modified and tailored to specific application needs, resulting in alternative subjective test methodologies.


Higher H.264 Encoding Efficiency Solves HD & 4K Challenges

EuclidIQ examines the new HD and 4K challenges that are addressed with higher encoding efficiency for H.264.

This white paper examines:

  • Challenges in Ultra HD and 4K that demand better performance out of H.264 encoding technology
  • Benefits that directly impact distributors and encoding system suppliers
  • How improved encoding efficiencies provide a competitive advantage on H.264 platforms

Download our white paper to learn more about how EuclidVision technology delivers improved video compression performance on existing infrastructures in Ultra HD and 4K streams.

Technical Notes


Technical Challenges of Motion and Complexity for Video Encoders

This technology note explains how the technical challenges of encoding high-motion videos are different from the challenges of encoding high-complexity videos, and why the solutions to these challenges are different.

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