EuclidIQ Moves to Cambridge, MA

Announcing EuclidIQ’s new HQ location

Known as the home of educational powerhouses like Harvard University and MIT, the city of Cambridge, MA has long been a home for intellectuals and experts at the top of their fields. Just across the Charles River from Boston’s cutting-edge medical centers and Fenway Park, Cambridge perfectly walks the line between old and new with its storied historic buildings and energizing city streets.

In more recent years, Cambridge has become a hotspot for well-known tech giants and promising start-ups alike. A long list of tech industry leaders like Microsoft, IBM, Google, Amazon, Apple, Spotify, HubSpot, Akamai Technologies, and Intersystems (to name a few) can all be found in Cambridge, MA.

EuclidIQ is thrilled to be joining the long list of tech companies found in Cambridge, as our headquarters moved there this past year. We’re excited to join this buzzing community of tech superstars while continuing to grow and solidify our place in the AdTech industry. You can find EuclidIQ at our new address here:

45 Prospect Street,
Cambridge, MA 02139

Finally, EuclidIQ is now easier to reach than ever! If you’re interested in learning more about how we boost impressions and increase revenues for advertisers while cutting CDN costs, we’d love to hear from you!

Get in touch here:
(781) 236-3747

We look forward to hearing from you!