Intelligent Compression for High Performance Ads & Long Form Content

EuclidIQ Compressor offers premium unrivaled audio and video compression, resulting in optimal user experiences whilemaximizing the value of your ad campaign.

Reduce CDN Costs
with smaller streams to increase profit

Virtually eliminate buffering
and lower load times with 70% smaller streams

Expand Your TAM
with mobile markets and reach more mobile users with smaller, more performant streams

Meet FCC and EU loudness requirements by correcting irregular ads, making blocked ads a thing of the past

Reduce bidding waste
with sub-optimal creative and maximize your media spend on what matters: impressions

Gain Insight with EuclidIQ

You don’t have to stay in the dark when it comes to the success of your ad campaigns: Compressor generates VAST tags that let you easily track revenue, engagement metrics and errors across ad products. That’s data that helps you better market your products and more strategically shape your advertising decisions,

Improve User Experience with Ads Optimized for Devices

EuclidIQ enables the dynamic delivery of ads based on a user’s hardware and operating system. Each ad request receives a dynamically generated vast tag response, with media formatted for the specific hardware and operating system playing the ad. This results in an improved user experience, more performant ads, increased engagement, and incrememental revenue for you.

Intelligent Long Form Content for Reduced CDN Costs and Great user Experience

EuclidIQ’s unrivaled video compression makes long form content more performant too. With the same patented features and capabilities, Compressor makes long form content 70% smaller than competing codecs. This results in lower CDN costs and a better overall user experience.

Where we fit in....

Watch Folder

Simply upload your ads manually or with automation to our AWS S3 Bucket to compress and generate a VAST tag. There’s no need to fuss with a complicated UI — our platform can accomodate whatever your workflow needs dictate, whether it’s a few manually set up ads at a time or a large number of ads with an automated workflow. Use our watch-folder feature set to automatically compress and generate VAST tags.


Our portal offers an easy way for you to manually upload, compress, and generate a VAST tag without any hassle. Simple upload your ad and utilize our self-serve tag generator via the simple copy and paste of tag code, and you’re good to go!

Ready to go at SpringServe.

Are you a SpringServe customer? EuclidIQ is integrated at SpringServe—just ask to turn our service on inside your account and immediately start seeing the benefits of Compressor with your hosted demand.

Patent Protected

Euclid’s breakthrough video compression technology Protected is protected by over 57 patents worldwide.