World-class Team & Patents

With 10+ years of pioneering research, work in compression algorithms and techniques, and 52 patents granted and 12 pending, our team of technologists are focused on delivering the best video compression technology in the industry.

To solve the industry’s biggest compression challenges, EuclidIQ team members have training and work experience in the diverse multiple disciplines that impact our technology. Our lean and agile team of self-motivated engineers, executives, and research scientists includes developers, mathematicians, and programmers and is geographically dispersed across the United States.

  • Richard Y. Wingard
    Richard Y. Wingard Co Founder & CEO
  • J. Robert Werner
    J. Robert Werner Co-Founder & President
  • Nigel Lee, PhD
    Nigel Lee, PhD Chief Science Officer
  • Dane Kottke, PhD
    Dane Kottke, PhD Chief Product Development Officer
  • Patsy Dahlinghaus
    Patsy Dahlinghaus Operations Director
  • John Guo, PhD
    John Guo, PhD Senior Architect
  • Christopher Weed
    Christopher Weed Software Development Director
  • Jeyun Lee
    Jeyun Lee Senior Video Codec Engineer

Our Intellectual Property

A startup with a couple patents pending is pretty impressive. A startup with over 52 US and international patents granted and 12 pending is in a class of its own. Founded as a video research company just over a decade ago, EuclidIQ has done exceptional and pioneering work in compression algorithms and techniques, feature and object modeling for archival use, video conferencing, search, and indexing. Our IP extends into digital rights management as well. When we say we deliver best in class encoding, it’s not bluster – it’s science.

In August 2004, EuclidIQ filed its first provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to protect primary, secondary and tertiary intellectual property. Since then, EuclidIQ has been developing an extensive patent portfolio including a significant patent presence (both filed and granted patents) in the following locations: Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

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