Video Technology took a front seat at CES 2017

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At CES 2017, video technology, especially 4K was front and center. Key areas like VR, TVs, cameras, drones, video streaming platforms and gaming all showcased technology with 4K UHD. With video technology becoming more accessible, affordable and ubiquitous than ever before companies will need to find a differentiator to rise above the noise.

More accessible
Content creation tools and technology focused on 4K UHD is readily available from more manufacturers.  Market leaders such as LG, Sony Samsung and Panasonic all debuted new 4K products at CES 2017 but a lot more smaller firms like YI Technology showcased high quality products from their R & D efforts.  The availability of the same technologies from multiple companies means that differentiators like improved quality, smaller form factor, smarter software, VR and augmented reality support help consumers decide which product to choose.

More affordable
Manufacturers are creating partnerships to distribute more of their advanced video technologies in their respective spaces.  More competition creates innovation to differentiate which in turn drives down costs.  Affordability of new technology results in more adopters. For example, cost remains the primary reason for cutting the cord to traditional cable TV services.  Other affordable and higher quality options are available to those customers.

Video everywhere
Cell phones are becoming ubiquitous with streaming video and it makes sense for them to be VR and 4K capable. A large number of affordable smart phones and TVs were announced at CES. There has been an explosion in the OTT market with content creation in many different niche markets. Nearly 60 percent of people who watch online video subscribe to one or more services. New sources for creating content such as live streaming applications, drones with 4K cameras, VR product headsets and augmented reality make content available on many more devices.  Consuming this type of content leads to a more connected world.

Now that technology is readily attainable it was clear that in order for a company to succeed it needs to make the user experience easy, efficient and fail-proof.

If streaming services like Netflix and Amazon were difficult to use we would not see the widespread adoption rates that we have witnessed in recent years.  A video streaming product that is hard to operate or makes video look bad will not succeed.   As you can see from the latest Verizon report “Mobile and tablet lead the pack in viewer abandonment due to poor quality experiences.”  Content video quality is key to fully utilizing the technology and keeping viewers engaged.

Video will play a larger part in this year’s technology trends.  4K video will be streaming in more places and there will be more requirements for niche video content to consume.  More access to these technologies means more video content transported over the internet.  The world’s bandwidth may seem limitless but we must not take quality for granted.  Distribution must be effortless and more efficient which will improve the user experience exponentially.

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