Video Quality is No Longer an Option

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Video quality on mobile devices is no longer an option but a necessity to keep viewers watching.

A few years ago, my father-in-law called us via his cell phone on a cruise ship in Alaska and was astounded that the call was clear without any interruptions. Cell phones have come a long way since then and the ability to talk remotely to one another and share daily activities via social media and chat apps is now second nature.

Is the same true for video viewing?

With data plan caps, and fluctuating service levels, mobile video viewers delay watching and sharing video. A decade after the iphone was introduced technology has not caught up to video consumption demands.

Data traffic is on the rise within already congested networks due to the Internet of things (Iot) and an increase in video consumption. Video viewers want more video but demand better video. Just as TV viewers would not consider watching lower resolution video in black and white, mobile viewers turn away from bad looking video as shown in this infographic from Verizon:

  • A whopping 84% of people surveyed said that quality was very important or extremely important to them.
  • 30% mobile and tablet viewers abandon watching bad video where 13% of the viewers abandon video almost all the time.
  • Viewers abandon video watching after 20% of the average viewing time.

These lower viewing times mean fewer watched ads, fewer purchases and fewer subscriptions resulting in lower revenue overall. This change in tolerance is an indication that content creators need to not only deliver video but need to deliver good looking video,  ”TV-like video” to all devices.

Over the top (OTT) distributors are trying to address this problem via adaptive bitrate streaming which helps deliver video over networks whose bandwidth fluctuates, providing a smaller resolution video to devices that have restricted bandwidth access. This works to a certain extent until viewers start upping the ante by expecting more detailed and vibrant videos that they see on TV, which can only be attained from larger video sizes. Advances in encoding is necessary to bring video file sizes down while maintaining video quality, allowing businesses to deliver “TV-like video” to all viewers on all devices.

As a business, implementing new technologies to aid in delivering of higher definition video must take a higher priority as the OTT market becomes crowded and differentiation between offerings is minimized.

Providing TV-like quality video at constrained bandwidth is something EuclidIQ can help with. We have recently announced an OTT solution called which simplifies the process of setting up your own channel. We will also be launching a new social media posting app called UptiiQ. Both platforms use our IQ264 technology for enhanced H.264 encoding. IQ264 and its perceptual quality approach yield an average of more than 25% bandwidth savings over a wide range of videos, while maintaining subjective video quality. and UptiiQ have been created to keep your video looking good while making the process of distributing or sharing it as easy as possible.

As quality becomes forefront in the future, using the best encoding solution is a necessity to keeping your customers.  To find out more about, UptiiQ or IQ264 please contact us at

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