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The EuclidIQ team has just returned from the west coast, where we showcased our newest product and introduced UptiiQ (coming in 2017) at the Streaming Media West 2016 show.

We had a steady stream of show attendees stop by the booth interested in hearing us talk about the benefits of, an Online Video Platform (OVP) that offers a simple end-to end channel solution for distribution of live and pre-recorded video content over the internet. is powered by IQ264, our advanced compression technology for enhancing H.264 encoding. gives content creators the ability to encode their video with IQ264, assuring the best viewer experience on every platform. delivers gorgeous video without delays along with the tools to monetize and distribute content on all major platforms.

Major themes at the show focused on live streaming and providing superior quality of experience (QoE) to end users. Clearly content creators continue to strive to improve quality of video they distribute, and to distribute it on multiple platforms. Content owners also seek more streamlined approaches to monetization. In a crowded space the choices can be overwhelming. We conceived with our partners to create a one-stop solution to this challenge.

Attendees also visited our booth to pick up a copy of our subjective testing white paper after Chief Science Officer Nigel Lee’s talk on how to incorporate subjective testing to validate video encoding results. Since IQ264 delivers Perceptual Quality Optimization (PQO) based on the human visual system, subjective testing is the only way to accurately validate our results. Nigel’s talk will be available soon on the site if you are interested in learning more.

Information about can be found here and you can download our latest IQ264 Brochure.

Finally, this show offered a sneak peek at UptiiQ, our upcoming social media mobile application. UptiiQ streamlines the video sharing process and is powered by IQ264. It allows a user to simply upload a video once and then publishes the video to multiple platforms. UptiiQ handles meeting each platform’s optimal posting requirements to ensure the audience will see the video at the highest quality each platform provides. To be alerted when UptiiQ hits the app store sign up here.

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