EuclidIQ Announces Immediate Availability of IQ264x Evaluation Plugin

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Concord, MA — EuclidIQ, an innovative leader in the field of perceptual quality optimization (PQO), announces immediate availability of one of its IQ264x PQO plugins. Companies wishing to evaluate the significant bandwidth-savings benefits of PQO, as part of an x264 encoder workflow on the Microsoft Windows platform, may now do so without requiring any pre- or post-processing steps.

“EuclidIQ’s IQ264 fits directly in the encoder’s pipeline,” said Nigel Lee, EuclidIQ’s Chief Scientist, “which means it has no need to run as a separate process.”

For those unfamiliar with IQ264, part of the company’s H.264-based compression toolkit, IQ264 has yielded an average of more than 20% bandwidth savings at equivalent quality compared to a reference encoder, such as x264. “The new IQ264x plugin allows companies to integrate EuclidIQ’s PQO into an x264 based production environment,” said Richard Wingard, CEO of EuclidIQ. “In both internal and key partner testing, we’ve seen the power of IQ264 to reduce bandwidth needs while maintaining quality or to increase quality at existing bandwidths.”

These gains have been corroborated in internal subjective testing, confirming that IQ264 saves bandwidth without impacting video quality, as well as numerous external validations via the EuclidIQ Visual Challenge at industry trade shows. “The addition of our Windows-based plugin for x264, as well as our upcoming Linux-based plugin, allows anyone using x264 to easily harness these dual powers of PQO quality improvements and bandwidth savings,” said Dane Kottke, EuclidIQ’s Director of Software Development.

EuclidIQ will be demonstrating its IQ264 technology this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. A limited number of demonstration slots, for potential partners, are available by contacting the company directly at

About EuclidIQ
Headquartered in Concord, MA, EuclidIQ has a legacy in solving complex video compression challenges. The company has two innovative technologies—IQ264 (H.264) and EuclidVision (MPEG-2)—that deliver significant bandwidth savings while maintaining visual quality. The company’s patented technologies augment standards-based encoders, and content encoded via EuclidIQ’s advanced algorithms can be decoded on any standards-based video decoder. To learn more about EuclidIQ and its video processing technologies contact info(at)euclidiq(dot)com.

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