EuclidIQ IQ264x Plug-in Demos at CES 2016

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Welcome to 2016! We’re looking forward to a great year, and we’re kicking it off by meeting with key partners and potential partners at one of the biggest shows in the world: the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, which is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada later this week.

One reason we’re excited is some great news out of the EuclidIQ engineering, research and development team. The team provided EuclidIQ a great holiday present: the immediate availiablity of our IQ264x evaluation plugin for Microsoft Windows x264 workflows.

Those who visited us at IBC 2015 or the Streaming Media West 2015 show saw what we were hard at work on this summer, fine-tuning our IQ264 perceptual quality optimization (PQO) video compression technology. From multi-threading to significantly lower overhead during the encoding phase, IQ264 continues to advance the state-of-the-art in perceptual quality optimization.

At CES 2016, EuclidIQ will be actively seeking additional partners. EuclidIQ will demonstrate IQ264 as well as showcase the ease of setting up the IQ264x plugin, as part of our demo suite at the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas.

For those of you not familiar with IQ264, it’s our newest H.264 perceptual quality optimization tool, designed to augment any standards-compliant H.264 encoder.  To date, IQ264 coupled with the x264 encoder has consistently yielded more than 20% average bandwidth savings in subjective tests, while maintaining equivalent quality. With some tests, such as the new videos posted at we’re seeing IQ264 yield up to 35% bandwidth savings at equivalent quality to the reference encoder.

In addition, several of these videos show how IQ264 can actually improve quality at the same data rate as the reference encoder. IQ264 integrates directly into the encoding process, unlike other perceptual quality optimization algorithms that operate as post-processing steps, after encoding has already occurred.

Be sure to watch these full-screen to see how IQ264 can also increase quality at a given bandwidth. They’re encoded at data rates that require a strong broadband connection, as a way to accurately demonstrate the quality differences, so we recommend viewing them on a desktop or laptop.

If you’re ready to learn more about IQ264, check out our Unified Map video at and feel free to contact us for a personal demonstration.

See you in Vegas!

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