EuclidIQ Welcomes Timothy Siglin to New Strategic Role

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“EuclidIQ welcomes Timothy Siglin in the role of interim Chief Strategy Officer,” said Richard Wingard, CEO of EuclidIQ. “Tim has been working with us on a contract basis, and this move solidifies his role within the company as we roll out our IQ264 compression technology.”

Siglin, who started his career almost 25 years ago in motion picture and real-time video capture, has previously been involved in an advisory role for numerous Fortune 500 and startup disruptive media technology companies. According to Siglin, EuclidIQ is one of the more interesting disruptive technology companies he’s encountered over the past two decades.

“Every upstart technology company has one or two good ideas,” said Siglin. “EuclidIQ, with its staff of researchers, scientists, and developers, has continued to innovate, generating disruptive ideas for well over a decade. IQ264, its most recent perceptualquality optimization technology, is especially intriguing in terms of bandwidth savings for the broadcast, over-the-top, and streaming industries.”

Siglin assisted EuclidIQ in naming the IQ264 compression suite and continues to assist in defining its product roadmap, refining industry best practices for encoding and testing, and identifying strategic partnerships that will mutually benefit both EuclidIQ and the growing number of companies interested in ways to retain video quality while reducing overall delivery bandwidth.

“The ability to reduce bandwidth by more than 20% on average, while still maintaining video quality, is a key driver in the next wave of growth in standards-based H.264 encoding and decoding,” said Siglin.

Siglin started his career at the Department of Defense’s Arnold Engineering & Development Center (AEDC), working as a video-based Public Affairs contractor, including involvement in desktop- and room-based encrypted videoconferencing solutions. He then co-founded Century VII, Inc., a media production company serving the real-time video acquisition and media editing needs of a variety of companies from Coca-Cola to Ernst & Young to Microsoft, before moving into streaming video in 1997. He is the longest-serving contributing editor to Streaming Media magazine, has taught compression technologies at both private colleges and public universities, and is a sought-after speaker and moderator at dozens of industry events.

Siglin completed his MBA in International Entrepreneurship in 1998 and worked in technology transfer on a European Union ITC Framework project. He co-launched a regional incubator network spanning four states, has been directly involved in interim CTO and CEO roles at 14 companies, and was instrumental in convincing the World Trade Center Association to triple the size of its potential market by expanding into second-tier WTC cities. In addition, across five continents, Siglin has advised more than 200 low- and high-tech companies in their startup process through WTC and Chamber of Commerce programs.

About EuclidIQ. Headquartered in Concord, MA, EuclidIQ has a legacy in solving complex video compression challenges. The company has two innovative technologies—IQ264 (H.264) and EuclidVIsion (MPEG-2)—that deliver significant bandwidth savings while maintaining visual quality. The company’s patented technologies augment standards-based encoders, and content encoded via EuclidIQ’s advanced algorithms can be decoded on any standards-based video decoder. To learn more about EuclidIQ and its video processing technology, visit the company website, or contact info(at)euclidiq(dot)com.

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