EuclidIQ Reveals Visual Challenge Results from Streaming Media East 2015

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Attendees rated IQ264 perceptual quality almost twice that of our internal testing.

EuclidIQ today announced the results of its Visual Challenge, held in mid-May in conjunction with the Streaming Media East 2015 show in New York.

The company’s IQ264 compression suite, which has yielded an average of more than 20% gains (bandwidth savings at equivalent quality) in internal subjective testing, does so without impacting video quality.

For each video clip that attendees were asked to assess, EuclidIQ showed a total of four clips: the master clip, one clip encoded with the open source x264 encoder, and two clips encoded with x264 augmented by our IQ264 technology.

“Since the test was double-blind, we knew neither which video would be shown first nor the order of the three clips played for the Visual Challenge participants,” said Anne Watelet, Director of Operations.

What were the final results? When averaged out, the IQ264-augmented encodes received higher scores than the reference x264 encodings.

“Visual Challenge participants consistently chose our IQ264 encodings over the reference x264 encodings for both videos,” said Watelet.

Visual Challenge scores showed a 20% gain for the second video and a whopping 80% gain for the first video. To compare this to our internal testing, our internal gains were 34% for the second video and 41% for the first video, meaning that the Visual Challenge participants clearly could see the quality difference in our IQ264-augmented encodes.

More details on these results can be found on our blog.

To learn more about EuclidIQ and its video processing technology, visit the company website, or contact

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