EuclidIQ completes initial development of IQ264 compression technology

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Company will demonstrate H.264 perceptual quality advancements at Streaming Media East 2015.

EuclidIQ today announced it has completed initial testing of its IQ264 video compression technology. The company plans to showcase its IQ264 compression technology, built atop the open-source x264 encoder, at Streaming Media East 2015, held in New York City from May 11-12, 2015.

IQ264 has yielded an average of more than 20% bandwidth savings in subjective tests, and it has done so without impacting video quality. IQ264 can be adapted to augment any H.264-compliant encoder via EuclidIQ’s standalone API/SDK.

All encodes were generated via a reference encoder (x264), with reference encodes using only the parameters related to perceptual optimization available within x264. A second set of encodes was performed, combining IQ264 on top of x264, and the results were then measured using a double-blind subjective testing methodology.

“IQ264 intelligently combines spatial complexity and temporal contrast measurements,” said Dr. Nigel Lee, EuclidIQ’s Chief Science Officer. “We use perceptual quality discovery to determine the areas in every single video frame that are most noticeable to the human visual system.”

EuclidIQ notes that, while constant quality encodes may be useful in certain situations, many potential customers asked about the ability to use variable bitrate in encoding workflows. IQ264 handles both equally well.

“Even when all parameters related to perceptual optimization are enabled in baseline x264,” said Richard Wingard, CEO of EuclidIQ, “IQ264 bandwidth savings gains average greater than 20%. In fact, some videos show gains above 40% in double-blind subjective tests performed in a controlled viewing environment.”

Headquartered in Concord, MA, EuclidIQ has a legacy in solving complex video compression challenges. The company has two innovative technologies—EuclidVIsion (MPEG-2) and IQ264 (H.264)—that deliver significant bandwidth savings while maintaining visual quality. The company’s patented technologies augment standards-based encoders, and content encoded via EuclidIQ’s advanced algorithms can be decoded on any standards-based video decoder. To learn more about EuclidIQ and its video processing technology, visit the company website, or contact

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