EuclidIQ Will Be Attending Streaming Media East 2015

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Company to demonstrate IQ264 and its H.264 perceptual quality advancements. 

We interrupt our normal bi-weekly blog post schedule to bring you a special alert: EuclidIQ will be demonstrating its IQ264 compression technology at Booth 107 of the Streaming Media East 2015 show. The show runs May 12-13, 2015, at the Hilton New York.

For those of you not familiar with IQ264, it’s our newest H.264 perceptual quality advancements. 

IQ264 has yielded an average of more than 20% bandwidth savings in subjective tests, and it has done so without impacting video quality. IQ264 can be adapted to augment any H.264-compliant encoder via EuclidIQ’s standalone API/SDK.

Attendees will see two stations at the EuclidIQ booth. The first will be a monitor demonstrating side-by-side comparisons of our technological advancements versus a standalone encoder. 

The videos shown will have both x264 encodes, using only the open-source H.264 encoder, alongside a second encode, combining IQ264 on top of x264.

We think you’ll find the results impressive. Even when all parameters related to perceptual optimization are enabled in baseline x264, the IQ264 bandwidth savings gains average greater than 20%. In fact, some videos show gains above 40% in double-blind subjective tests performed in a controlled viewing environment.

The other station at our booth will be the EuclidIQ Visual Challenge. Show attendees will receive an invitation to take the Visual Challenge in their official Streaming Media East 2015 show bag, and we want blog readers to also discover this exciting way to compare IQ264 enhanced encodes against reference encodes. If you’re ready to take the challenge, stop by the booth, or contact us for a personal challenge. There’s also a prize drawing for those who take this subjective blind-test visual challenge.

See you in New York! 

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