EuclidIQ Receives US Patent Grant for Feature-Based Video Compression

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EuclidIQ’s patent, titled “Feature-Based Video Compression,” also recently granted in Japan, describes a method of extending conventional video compression via the detection and aggregation of features, improving compression especially in cases where feature modeling captures redundancy of visual phenomena in the video data in a way that is beyond the capabilities of conventional video encoders. 

EuclidIQ’ s patented feature-based video compression enables an encoder to search a greater number of previously decoded frames and, within each of those frames, a greater area and a much higher number of pels compared with conventional compression, which considers fewer frames, smaller areas, and fewer pels. The feature-based search is not computationally prohibitive because the expansion of the search area is directed by feature tracking.

“This patent expands EuclidIQ’s body of intellectual property that applies computer vision modeling techniques to video compression, by adding a feature-based method of video compression to our previous patents that describe object-based methods of video compression,” said Nigel Lee, EuclidIQ’s Chief Science Officer.

From the patent abstract:
“Systems and methods of processing video data are provided. Video data having a series of video frames is received and processed. One or more instances of a candidate feature are detected in the video frames. The previously decoded video frames are processed to identify potential matches of the candidate feature. When a substantial amount of portions of previously decoded video frames include instances of the candidate feature, the instances of the candidate feature are aggregated into a set. The candidate feature set is used to create a feature-based model. The feature-based model includes a model of deformation variation and a model of appearance variation of instances of the candidate feature. The feature-based model compression efficiency is compared with the conventional video compression efficiency.”

EuclidIQ continues to advance and protect its Intellectual property rights with patent filings in the US and around the world. This most recent patent grant in the US follows a grant in Japan for the same intellectual property earlier this year.

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