EuclidIQ Announces the Results of Recent MPEG-2 Compression Testing

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EuclidIQ reports progressively larger compression gains, with the best performing video delivering bandwidth savings of 48% over FFmpeg.

EuclidIQ announces the results of recent MPEG-2 compression testing for its EuclidVision encoding technology. EuclidIQ is excited to report that these recent tests show progressively larger compression gains, with the best performing video delivering bandwidth savings of 48% over FFmpeg.

Late last year, EuclidIQ was selected for an independent evaluation and comparison test against six other established MPEG-2 encoders. In the comparison, EuclidIQ’s technology finished tied for 1st in 13 of the 16 video cases tested. Today’s compression announcement delivers additional compression gains beyond those demonstrated in the evaluation. Learn more about the independent test here.

EuclidVision’s MPEG-2-compliant software module currently delivers consistent 10-30% compression gains for HD videos with motion and complexity. EuclidVision provides better visual quality at the same bitrate, differentiating it from competitors.

“We continue to improve our solution for compliant MPEG-2 encoding, and over the past three months we have realized increased compression gain for all videos in our test corpus,” said Chief Science Officer Nigel Lee.

EuclidVision technology changes the core compression methodology of MPEG-2, H.264, and HEVC at the prediction step, by applying modeling information intelligently. When EuclidVision determines that the complexity of the video has exceeded the conventional encoder’s capabilities, it applies additional modeling information to those regions to generate better predictions.

EuclidVision enhances existing MPEG-2 encoders while maintaining compliance with MPEG-2 decoders. Future versions of the technology for MPEG-2 encoders will be targeting enablement of real-time video processing.

EuclidIQ is also focusing resources on advancing its H.264 solution, delivering improved compression gains for H.264 deployments. The company has an aggressive program underway and expects to announce H.264 compression test results in the months ahead.

EuclidIQ will be exhibiting at Streaming Media East, May 13th and 14th. Visit us at booth 201, or contact us in advance to schedule a one-on-one demonstration.

To learn more about EuclidIQ and its video processing technology, visit the company website, or contact

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