EuclidIQ Announces Results of Independent Testing of Its Video Compression Technology

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EuclidIQ scores high marks against major MPEG-2 encoders for video compression quality.

EuclidIQ is pleased to announce the results of a recent independent evaluation and validation of our video compression technology. EuclidIQ was selected as one of seven companies (and the only “new technology” company) participating in this evaluation of top MPEG-2-based encoders.

This evaluation provided us our first opportunity to be compared against MPEG-2 encoders from six established companies under a systematic, subjective evaluation process conducted by a well-respected third party (CableLabs). “Subjective evaluation” means that encoded/decoded videos from the seven companies were scored by human subjects according to how impaired the processed videos were compared to the corresponding original videos. This type of evaluation, based on mean opinion scores, is considered the gold standard for comparing the relative performances of different encoders.

EuclidIQ’s performance in the test was impressive: EuclidIQ’s technology finished tied for 1st in 13 of the 16 video cases tested (8 videos each tested under CBR and VBR). “We believe the results of the evaluation confirm that our new video compression technology, EuclidVision, provides valuable compression benefit for the very best MPEG-2 encoders in the cable industry,” said Richard Wingard, EuclidIQ’s CEO.

For more information about the test and EuclidIQ’s performance, please contact us at

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