EuclidIQ Announces It Will be Attending and Presenting at CES, January 7-9 in Las Vegas

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EuclidIQ will be demonstrating its compression gains on MPEG-2 encoders and discussing how its video compression technology delivers improvements for high motion, high complexity videos.

EuclidIQ, previously Euclid Discoveries, a leading developer of video processing technology that fundamentally improves the core of video compression, will be attending 2014 International CES next week in Las Vegas, NV to demonstrate their video processing technology to interested parties.

“We’re very excited to attend CES this year and are looking forward to demonstrating EuclidIQ’s advancements in video compression technology,” said Richard Wingard, CEO and Co-Founder of EuclidIQ.

CES will be January 7-10. The renowned international trade show is highly anticipated each year in January where technology organizations showcase their latest innovations in consumer electronics.

EuclidIQ’s technology, EuclidVision, delivers compression benefits to existing MPEG-2 codecs of 10-30% on high motion, high complexity videos.

If you are interested in scheduling a demonstration during the CES show, please contact us at

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