Keys to Solving the Challenge Posed by MSOs’ Reliance on MPEG-2

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Cable companies are challenged to meet the demands and expectations of today’s digital consumer in order to produce a positive viewing and streaming experience. MSOs strive to capitalize on encoding advancements in order to gain new competitive advantage, enable increased quality and gain compression efficiency within existing MPEG-2 deployments. 

This technology white paper examines the challenges of encoding MPEG-2 for multiple devices, while maintaining high video quality and improving compression performance. It also explores the limitations of existing encoding platforms and considers new approaches like Euclid’ Discoveries’ compression technology. Euclid provides an intelligent solution for cable operators to extract  better compression within their legacy MPEG-2 infrastructure.

Download this whitepaper to learn how Euclid’s video compression technology, EuclidVision, can provide the cable industry with an approach to enhanced encoding performance in the pay TV sector, while integrating seamlessly with current systems.

Click here for your free copy of this white paper.





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