Euclid Discoveries Announces It Has Received Another Patent Grant from the U.S. Patent Office

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The patent, titled Object Archival Systems and Methods, covers video object and archival technology that can provide additional ways to store, distribute and manage video. Euclid Chief Science Office Nigel Lee commented, “This most recent patent extends Euclid’s intellectual property protection of object-based compression methods to the formation of personalized, object-based model archives that can be reused for the compression of multiple videos in a variety of applications.”

From the patent abstract:
“By analyzing features unique to a user, such as face, family, and pet attributes associated with the user, an invariant model can be determined to create object model adapters specific to each user. These personalized video object models can be created using geometric and appearance modeling techniques, and they can be stored in an object model library. The object models can be reused for processing other video streams. The object models can be shared in a peer-to-peer network among many users, or the object models can be stored in an object model library on a server. When the compressed (encoded) video is reconstructed, the video object models can be accessed and used to produce quality video with nearly lossless compression.”

The latest patent comes after Euclid Discoveries recently announced its MPEG-2 initial results. Euclid demonstrated that its EuclidVision video processing technology is able to enhance existing MPEG-2 encoders while maintaining full compliance with MPEG-2 decoders. The test results showed a 10-30% compression gain for high motion, high definition videos. Future versions of Euclid’s MPEG-2 technology will produce further compression gains and be optimized to enable real-time video processing. Euclid also announced plans to report on their H.264-compliant software module before the end of the year.

This latest grant brings Euclid’s patent pool to 30 with additional patents pending in the U.S. and internationally.

About EuclidIQ

Euclid IQ is a video technology development company focused on the delivery of HD video over constrained networks. EuclidIQ has been tackling this challenge and has invented an innovative technology that delivers significant benefits in video distribution. The company’s patented technology utilizes feature and object modeling to deliver improved video compression with no loss of visual quality. To learn more about EuclidIQand its video processing technology, visit the company website, or contact

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