Euclid Discoveries to demonstrate video compression technology breakthrough at CableLabs Summer Conference

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Euclid’s video compression technology delivers 10-30% compression gains for high motion, high definition videos, enhances existing MPEG-2 encoders and provides full compliance with MPEG-2 decoders.

Euclid Discoveries, a leading developer of video processing technology that fundamentally improves the core of video compression, announced today that it will be demonstrating their first version of EuclidVision™ technology that enhances existing MPEG-2 encoders while maintaining full compliance with MPEG-2 decoders, at the CableLabs® Summer Conference* August 11-14. Test results, measured by BD rate and visual comparisons have shown compression gains of between 10-30% for high motion, high definition videos.

“Several major cable operators have expressed interest in utilizing our software module in their installed base of MPEG-2 set top boxes,” said Richard Wingard, CEO and Co-Founder of Euclid Discoveries. “Additionally, experts in the cable industry say that our technology has the potential to be a game changer. We are attending the CableLabs Summer Conference to both demonstrate the technology with operators and discuss potential licensing agreements with cable industry encoding companies.”

Future versions of the technology for MPEG-2 encoders will produce additional compression gains and will be targeting enablement of real-time video processing. Additionally the company is also planning to report on their H.264 compliant EuclidVision software module before the end of the year.

The EuclidVision video processing and compression technology focuses on decreasing video file sizes; its higher-level modeling techniques enable a smaller encoding of a video, which in turn decreases bandwidth consumption. The smaller bandwidth consumption allows more videos to be viewed in bandwidth-constrained environments.

EuclidVision is a next generation video processing and compression technology that changes the core compression methodology of MPEG-2, H.264, and HEVC at the prediction step, by applying modeling information intelligently.

It extends the block-based compression paradigm to take advantage of modeling information accumulated throughout the video. Modeling information in the form of detected and tracked regions of interest can be used advantageously to improve compression. EuclidVision runs alongside a conventional encoder, monitoring the complexity of different regions of the video. When EuclidVision determines that the complexity of the video has exceeded the conventional encoder’s capabilities, it applies additional modeling information to those regions to generate better predictions.

About EuclidIQ

Euclid IQ is a video technology development company focused on the delivery of HD video over constrained networks. EuclidIQ has been tackling this challenge and has invented an innovative technology that delivers significant benefits in video distribution. The company’s patented technology utilizes feature and object modeling to deliver improved video compression with no loss of visual quality. To learn more about EuclidIQand its video processing technology, visit the company website, or contact

*CableLabs Summer Conference is a private event attended by its cable operator members and demonstrating vendors.

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