Euclid Discoveries announces initial availability of its EuclidVision technology on MPEG-2 codecs, delivering 10- 30% compression gains for high motion videos.

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Euclid Discoveries is pleased to announce the availability of its EuclidVision video compression technology on MPEG-2-compliant decoders. With today’s announcement, the company is able to extend compression benefits to videos compressed by MPEG-2 codecs, the de facto standard for the cable industry.

According to the NTCA, the cable industry has invested over $200 Billion in cable infrastructure and equipment since 1996.  Cable operators of all sizes are actively seeking ways to extend the life and utility of those investments, while meeting the growing demand for higher quality, HD video content.

“We are very excited to be able to offer the EuclidVision compression technology to the cable industry” says Richard Wingard, Euclid CEO. “The cable industry has invested heavily in infrastructure, and cable operators are extremely interested in new ways to gain additional use and functionality from existing investments.  We now have the ability to enable part of our technology in today’s encoding process, and to demonstrate compression and quality gains to media players with standard MPEG-2 decoders.”

Testing results for this deployment have demonstrated compression gains of up to 34% and consistently 10-25% for high motion, high complexity HD videos, the type of videos where EuclidVision’s advanced model-based techniques perform best.  EuclidVision also delivers smaller compression gains for low-motion, low-complexity videos.  For all these videos, EuclidVision technology is able to improve the visual quality of the compressed videos without increasing bandwidth consumption.

The company announced last December the availability of its technology in H.264 codecs and committed to extending those capabilities to MPEG-2 and HEVC in the months to come. “With today’s announcement, we are delivering on our commitment to bring benefit to the cable industry and all users of MPEG-2,” Mr. Wingard said. “Our next goal is to deliver similar benefits to HEVC codecs, while continuing to work on ways to deliver additional bandwidth reductions and visual quality improvements in each of these environments.”

The company is in active discussions with potential partners who can commercially benefit from these extended capabilities and will be demonstrating its capabilities during the upcoming Cable Show 2013 in Washington, DC, June 10-12.

Companies interested in learning more and seeing a demonstration should contact us to request a meeting and demonstration (availability is limited, first come, first served).

To learn more about Euclid’s core video compression technology, EuclidVision, download our White Paper here.


About EuclidIQ:

EuclidIQ  is a video technology development company focused on the delivery of HD video over constrained networks. For the past 12 years EuclidIQ has been tackling this challenge and has invented an innovative technology that delivers significant benefits in video distribution.

The company’s patented technology utilizes feature and object modeling to deliver improved video compression with no loss of visual quality. Until recently, the company’s technology had been operating exclusively on a proprietary codec.  During the course of the company’s research and development, it was discovered that certain components of the technology could operate entirely within standards-compliant frameworks, delivering compression and video quality enhancements while producing bitstreams able to be interpreted by H.264 and other standard decoders.

To learn more about EuclidIQ and its video processing technology, please visit our website, or contact us at

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