19%* of your ads are abandoned due to buffering.

EuclidIQ’s unrivaled video compression helps DSPs and SSPs deliver up to 15% more impressions by reducing ad stream sizes, which eliminates buffering and increases fill rates.

Our unrivaled video compression
eliminates buffering and delivers more impressions.

Serve More Impressions



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"The buffering problem in AdTech is costing advertisers millions per year."

There’s currently only one company in the industry that is directly attacking this global problem costing advertisers millions of dollars a year: EuclidIQ.

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Unrivaled video ad compression with zero quality loss.

Our industry-exclusive video compression enables ads to reach more consumers and generate more impressions per day without degrading viewing quality. EuclidIQ improves ad delivery in bandwidth-constrained and high-speed markets.

Faster files =
More impressions.
More revenue.

Speed is more important than ever in a highly competitive landscape. EuclidIQ-optimized videos have a higher fill rate and make campaigns more effective.

Higher fill rates
+ 0 %
World Map with Vietnam highlighted
AWS Compression - 14,675
EuclidIQ Compression - 19,815
AWS Compression - 330
EuclidIQ Compression - 690


You have two options to use EuclidIQ’s video encoder. The self-serve version can be used immediately. If your workflow needs more automation, our API version takes just 1-3 days to set up.

We have a comprehensive API integration guide and will work with you every step of the way to make sure it goes quickly and smoothly. 

We are available to help you step- by-step.

No, you can fine-tune your onboarding process however you want.

You can start with one creative and scale as quickly as you would like to.

Benefits will be seen on the very first impression of the first campaign run with EuclidIQ.


No. Quality will be equal to or better than your current compression tech.

We have years under our belt running A/B tests with various adtech companies, ensuring we can handle compressing every video ad type. 

Ask us about using our self-serve encoding product today, or ask us about running a risk-free A/B test for your business.



You advertisers will care because every impression opportunity counts; and the company that gets their product in front of a customer first will be more likely to convert that customer.

Your network of SSPs will care because they will know that accepting your bid will lead to a monetizable event for them (i.e., a rendered video).


Your publishers will care because you will increase their fill rate thus make them more revenue.

Real ads, real results

Google Double Click Ad Compression versus EuclidIQ Ad Compression

Google Double Click - 4017 Kbps
EuclidIQ - 916 Kbps

Computers don’t watch video, we do. That is why we use subjective testing with everyday people to confirm our results. Even the most advanced objective metrics fall short of subjective metrics and cannot capture video quality as accurately as subjective metrics. This guarantees that our savings are our customers’ savings.

Deliver up to 15% more impressions risk free.

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