Working with EuclidIQ

Whether you’re a media organization or a transcoding company, the need to reduce bandwidth to save costs while maintaining the highest image quality for your customers is clear.

When you engage with EuclidIQ, we’ll help you easily integrate our technology into your existing workflow and give you the tools to be able to see the difference. For H.264 encoding, our IQ264 plugin works directly with your existing encoder to instantly see results.  We’re here to help, and ready to show you the best way to save bandwidth costs without sacrificing image quality today and in the future.


Partnering with EuclidIQ

With the explosion of devices and platforms, the transcoding market continues to grow with video processing solutions on the ground and in the cloud.  EuclidIQ’s technology can help your products achieve results that rise above your competitors with demonstrable metrics that show reduced bandwidth and better quality output. EuclidIQ’s encoding technology can help you differentiate your products from the pack!


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