Working with EuclidIQ

What drives us

Our mission is to deliver an exceptional viewer experience over every network on any device. Bandwidth and audience attention are both finite resources. Don’t let bandwidth constraints prevent you from delivering video content that delights and engages your audience.

Who cares about quality video compression?

Nearly everyone. A recent study from a major wireless provider found that 86% of online viewers considered video quality either very important or extremely important. Additional data show that half of all viewers abandon a video upon the second buffering delay, three quarters at third delay, and over one in eight abandon every video stream they attempt to watch. We aim to fix this.


What we can do for your video

Putting more than forty technology patents to work (plus our two dozen pending patents), EuclidIQ has pioneered Perceptual Quality Optimization, or PQO™ to encode video. By instructing the video encoder to put more emphasis on the portions of the image most important to the human visual system, we achieve better image quality at reduced bit rates. In short, better quality consuming less bandwidth, but EuclidIQ’s engineers didn’t stop there.

In addition to frame-level PQO, our Rithm™ transcoder applies Signal-Adaptive Bit Rate Estimation, or SABRE, another patented technology at the scene level. After analyzing the scene, the ideal bitrate to maintain the desired quality is applied – greatly reducing bandwidth and storage requirements to distribute the video.


What does PQO look like at 1 megabit per second?

The video shown here has been encoded using EuclidIQ’s, PQO encoding technology. It is a fully compliant H.264 1080P bit stream that requires a only 1.1 Mbps bandwidth!

How we work with you

Because a cloud-based transcoding service is more flexible, we offer multiple ways to take advantage of it. Media enterprises can set up their own cloud-based Rithm transcoder, or they can license our APIs to seamlessly integrate Rithm transcoding into existing infrastructure. Technology vendors can white label our cloud transcoding services.

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