Seeing is Believing – PQO in OTT

In today’s hyper-competitive media marketplace, content owners are turning to OTT to monetize their assets. To succeed in this crowded space, viewer experience needs to be placed front and center. Pristine video that launches without delay is the centerpiece of a successful OTT offering. EuclidIQ has partnered with CDNs to offer optimized encoding, bringing beautiful video to screens of all sizes across a wide variety of networks.

By incorporating our technology within our partners’ existing workflows, content providers no longer need to worry about what encoder or settings to use to get the best looking video for their viewers. Our technology simplifies the process so producers can concentrate on what they do best – making content!

The 1080p video below is optimized H.264 at the amazing low bit rate of 1.1 megabits per second.

What does PQO look like at 1 megabit per second?

The video shown here has been encoded using EuclidIQ’s, PQO encoding technology. It is a fully compliant H.264 1080P bit stream that requires a only 1.1 Mbps bandwidth!

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