5G is coming

5G is coming… 5G is coming… by 2020? The smartphone and 4G networks changed the world. People accessed the internet in droves, new apps sprouted along with social media sites. Such ease of internet access revolutionized communication and commerce. Will … Read More

EuclidIQ has Successful Show at Streaming Media East 2016

The EuclidIQ team had a great Streaming Media East 2016. From a talk on subjective testing by Dr. Nigel Lee, to a record number of booth visitors and Visual Challenge test takers, the annual show held in the New York … Read More

Sneak Peak: EuclidIQ at Streaming Media East 2016

Last week our CEO, Richard Wingard, highlighted the success of our meetings at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas. He also mentioned that we’d be announcing details on several new products and services at the upcoming … Read More

Video Predictions of the Past, Present, and Future

As one year comes to a close we start seeing predictions of what’s to come in the New Year. Publicists, analysts, and industry thought leaders put together their forecasts and trends of what to expect for the year ahead and … Read More

Net Neutrality and What It Means for Video Content Providers

The rise of video content providers, such as Netflix and YouTube, has led to an enormous increase in Internet traffic, which in turn has created congestion throughout the Internet. A number of Internet service providers (ISPs) have proposed that they … Read More

HTML5 and How It Benefits Content Producers and Consumers

HTML5 is the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language, which is used to present content on the Internet. The key benefits that HTML5 offers is that it is designed to provide the same user experience across any device and has … Read More

Video Conferencing vs. Video Streaming – are they really that different?

Video conferencing has been around for what seems like eons, and until recently was only available to large companies that could afford the equipment and the dedicated network connections that made it possible for multiple locations to see, speak, and … Read More

From Bricks to Clicks: Video Adoption in Education

Education technology continues its dynamic evolvement in K-12 and higher learning classrooms as schools figure out how to integrate new solutions to keep students engaged in learning and prepared to work in an increasingly digital world. Brick and mortar schools … Read More

Live Streaming Video — Why is it such a Challenge?

The Academy Awards telecast is one of the most widely viewed programs of the year, attracting an audience of 43 million television viewers in March 2014. The event was also available through ABC’s Watch ABC app to users who preferred … Read More

Video Sharing is Dominating Social Media

With apologies to William Shakespeare… All the world is a screen. And all the men and women merely sharers. Such a statement would have seemed absurd even 10 years ago, but not today.   … Read More