Preprocessor, Postprocessor or Encoder

We are constantly asked whether our IQ264 product is an encoder, a preprocessor, or a postprocessor. The response? None of the above. It is a plugin that is integrated with an encoder, currently x264. But what is the difference between … Read More

2015 Projections: Social Media, Video Data and Information Overload

How far into the future can you see? One or two years out is relatively easy. But imagine that you’re a technology “forecaster,” looking out as far as 10 or 15 years, viewing the upcoming changes in the same way … Read More

Visual Search and its Application to Video Compression

The secret to any useful visual search is the ability to distinguish between what is important–the target–and what is not–the distracters. While the subject has been studied for over forty years, new technology, like smartphones and mobile apps, requires transforming … Read More

Net Neutrality and What It Means for Video Content Providers

The rise of video content providers, such as Netflix and YouTube, has led to an enormous increase in Internet traffic, which in turn has created congestion throughout the Internet. A number of Internet service providers (ISPs) have proposed that they … Read More

Transcoders vs Encoders: What’s the difference?

In today’s video market, I hear the words transcode and encode interchanged all the time. Although they both produce a compressed video file, there are some subtle differences between the two words that are worth exploring.   … Read More

What are you watching and why do encoders care?

Understanding video viewing habits is big business for Hollywood and content providers. It not only helps them to tailor their websites for accessibility and to improve the user experience, but also to cash out on consumers’ viewing time. In the … Read More

Euclid Interviewed by ScreenPlays Magazine

Recently, we attended the SCTE Cable-Tech Expo and during the show Richard Wingard had the honor of being interviewed by Fred Dawson, Editor of ScreenPlays Magazine.  ScreenPlays Magazine is one of the most respected online sources of information for the … Read More

Compression Measurement Explained

Euclid Discoveries has an intense focus on improving video compression and reducing video bandwidth consumption. So it makes sense that we are equally interested in how compression is measured and how reductions in bandwidth utilization are expressed.  We asked one of our resident experts, … Read More

Reed Hastings, Netflix, and the Future of Streaming Video

First reported by Multichannel News, a recent interview at the Copenhagen Future of TV Conference had Netflix CEO Reed Hastings promising that consumers won’t need more than about 15 Mbps to stream 4K video files once the content is up and running on the site, … Read More

Report from CableLabs Summer Conference

Last month Euclid’s management participated in the 2013 CableLabs Summer Conference. Held in beautiful Keystone, Colorado, a resort town 90 minutes outside Denver, the conference is an invitation-only event. We were excited to be attending and for the opportunity to … Read More