Preprocessor, Postprocessor or Encoder

We are constantly asked whether our IQ264 product is an encoder, a preprocessor, or a postprocessor. The response? None of the above. It is a plugin that is integrated with an encoder, currently x264. But what is the difference between … Read More

Why EuclidIQ Uses Subjective Testing (Part 2a)

In the first part of our series on Subjective Testing, we detailed the transition in our company from objective testing to subjective testing, including the development of a subjective testing methodology that achieved a balance between being credible (adhering reasonably … Read More

Netflix and the Art of Content-Adaptive Encoding

When Netflix speaks, everyone in the streaming video industry tends to listen. For instance, in a recent blog post titled “Per-Title Encode Optimization,” Netflix announced that it is re-encoding its entire collection of videos using bitrates appropriate to the content in each particular video. This is a … Read More

EuclidIQ IQ264x Plug-in Demos at CES 2016

Welcome to 2016! We’re looking forward to a great year, and we’re kicking it off by meeting with key partners and potential partners at one of the biggest shows in the world: the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, which is being … Read More

EuclidIQ IQ264 Demonstrations at IBC 2015

We’ve been hard at work this summer, fine-tuning several aspects of our IQ264 compression technology. From multi-threading to significantly lower overhead during the encoding phase, IQ264 continues to advance the state-of-the-art in perceptual quality optimization.  … Read More

Visual Search and its Application to Video Compression

The secret to any useful visual search is the ability to distinguish between what is important–the target–and what is not–the distracters. While the subject has been studied for over forty years, new technology, like smartphones and mobile apps, requires transforming … Read More

The Need for Higher H.264 Efficiency Continues…

As quality of experience on every device becomes an ever larger factor in the battle for viewers, traditional and over-the-top distributors of premium content have to meet new expectations of their consumer in order to remain competitive. … Read More

The Rise of Cloud Gaming and The Call for Encoders

Playing video games using the Internet isn’t a new concept. Game consoles from Microsoft and Sony have enabled gamers to collaborate, dominate, and colorfully engage each other in virtual competition using their broadband connection since the 1990s.  And let’s not … Read More

Compression Measurement Explained

Euclid Discoveries has an intense focus on improving video compression and reducing video bandwidth consumption. So it makes sense that we are equally interested in how compression is measured and how reductions in bandwidth utilization are expressed.  We asked one of our resident experts, … Read More

What H.264 Accomplished and What’s Next for Video Compression?

H.264 is the current industry standard for video compression technology, and it powers most video, television and mainstream content delivery and viewing applications. … Read More