The Rise of Cloud Gaming and The Call for Encoders

Playing video games using the Internet isn’t a new concept. Game consoles from Microsoft and Sony have enabled gamers to collaborate, dominate, and colorfully engage each other in virtual competition using their broadband connection since the 1990s.  And let’s not … Read More

What’s So Great About EuclidVision?

With the proliferation of digital video in recent years in applications as diverse as cable TV live and on-demand broadcasting, Internet streaming, DVD and Blu-ray disc storage, and digital cinema with 4K resolution, the need for “better” video compression is … Read More

Further Thoughts on Codec Evaluations

Co-Authored By Vadim Tkhor  In two previous articles [1, 2] on compression performance, Donald Pian explained how two different codecs can be compared by measuring their encoding sizes for  the same video data at the same quality, with quality measured by peak-signal-to-noise-ratio … Read More

Announcing the Operability of EuclidVision’s Video Processing Prototype Codec on the Apple iPad and iPhone Platforms

We are excited to announce that our EuclidVision Video Processing Prototype Codec is now available for use on the Apple iPad and iPhone platforms. Using the Apple development framework, we have created a seamless means by which the EuclidVision codec can be installed … Read More