Spectrum Crunch: Verizon, T-Mobile & AT&T Plan for the Auctions

After reading “US Spectrum Outlook: Smooth Not Crunchy? by Dan Jones, I started to dig into his (and others’) question: “So is there a real spectrum crunch?”.  Below are three snapshots that fairly capture the pulse of the companies Jones calls out … Read More

Why Video Needs A Seat In The Free Wi-Fi Debate

A recent WashPo article has caused quite a stir in the ongoing debate surrounding spectrum, bandwidth and federal plans for free Wi-Fi. While Vaughan-Nichols jokingly refers to technologies’ role in this debacle as a miracle, we at Euclid Discoveries have … Read More

Going Mobile: An Issue of Video Quality and Bandwidth

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and Home Theater PC’s (HTPC) allowed the migration from “prime time” to “my time” as we became accustomed to time-shifting our entertainment and viewing it at our convenience. Place-shifting, introduced through products such as the Slingbox from … Read More