VIDEO: EuclidIQ CEO Showcases IQ264 Video Bandwidth Reduction

At Streaming Media East 2015, the same event where the EuclidIQ Visual Challenge took place, I had the honor of presenting our IQ264 technology to an audience of engineers and executives. The video, below, synopsizes our new video compression technology. I … Read More

NAB 2015 Demonstrated IQ264 to Potential Partners

NAB 2015, held two weeks ago in Las Vegas, Nevada, was a success for EuclidIQ. Demonstrating our new IQ264 H.264-based compression suite, EuclidIQ strategically used its presence at the National Association of Broadcasters show to educate potential partners on how … Read More

The Enhanced Video of the iPhone 6

When Apple released its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in September 2014 in the United States, it immediately experienced two different bandwidth issues. The first was that Apple limited its live-stream launch to users with Safari–the default browser on … Read More

Net Neutrality and What It Means for Video Content Providers

The rise of video content providers, such as Netflix and YouTube, has led to an enormous increase in Internet traffic, which in turn has created congestion throughout the Internet. A number of Internet service providers (ISPs) have proposed that they … Read More

Video Conferencing vs. Video Streaming – are they really that different?

Video conferencing has been around for what seems like eons, and until recently was only available to large companies that could afford the equipment and the dedicated network connections that made it possible for multiple locations to see, speak, and … Read More

3 Video Trends for 2014 and Pitfalls That Could Stop the Show

Video technology and streaming trends tend to reveal themselves more frequently through the habits of consumers controlling this digital movement. From consumer behavior to content availability, here are some trends to look for in the upcoming years, along with barriers … Read More

A Bandwidth Hungry World

As the debate surrounding spectrum auctions rages on in DC, I felt it would be useful to examine the new data surrounding mobile consumption. Data that reinforces the need for quick solutions to the lack of broadband. According to new … Read More

Video Artifacts: Blocking, Bleeding & Mosquitoes, Oh My!

We all experience video compression artifacts when watching videos.  Whether it is only a portion of a video frame or an entire frame, artifacts can be very annoying. At one time or another, all of us have seen the videos … Read More

What’s So Great About EuclidVision?

With the proliferation of digital video in recent years in applications as diverse as cable TV live and on-demand broadcasting, Internet streaming, DVD and Blu-ray disc storage, and digital cinema with 4K resolution, the need for “better” video compression is … Read More

FCC’s Julius Genachowski: The Spectrum Chairman

Julius Genachowski AKA “the Spectrum Chairman” recently stepped down after an exciting four-year term.  Genachowski sat down with The New Yorker to talk about his legacy, the need for innovative work being done by companies like Euclid Discoveries, and what’s next … Read More