A fundamental change in video processing

The Future of Video Compression: Smart Model Libraries in the Cloud.


A platform technology for the future of video compression.

EuclidIQ’s approach to future video processing represents a fundamental shift in video technology. By extending beyond block-based processing into object and feature modeling, EuclidVision is able to deliver even greater benefits than those available for standards-based encoders. EuclidVision is a suite of tools, algorithms and processing pipelines implementing model-based compression.

EuclidVision extends the block-based compression paradigm to take advantage of features and objects in the video. These features and objects provide a foothold for engaging more advanced modeling, bridging the blocks of conventional compression to feature modeling and object modeling techniques.

When EuclidVision determines that the complexity of the video has exceeded the conventional encoder’s capabilities, it applies higher level modeling to those regions. The higher level of modeling is based on features and objects that are tracked throughout the video.

EuclidVision is able to model the data at multiple levels or fidelities during encoding as shown in the chart.


EuclidIQ: The Future of Model-Based Compression

Watch this video to see how a cloud-based architecture of Smart Model Libraries will fundamentally change how video will be processed in the future.