Faster Video Starts Means More Revenue

Nearly every encoding technology company talks about bandwidth savings as a differentiator of their technology, but consumers want faster video starts. In this blog post we show you how bandwidth savings equates directly to faster video starts and how our … Read More

Improved Video Quality Measurement Using MOS Predictor Metric

In a previous blog post, we examined the performance of Netflix’s new video quality metric, Video Multimethod Assessment Fusion (VMAF), for its ability – in comparison with the long-time standard video quality metric, PSNR – to predict subjective test results, … Read More

How Well Does Netflix’s VMAF Metric Capture Video Quality?

Last year, Netflix published a blog post titled “Toward a Practical Perceptual Video Quality Metric” announcing their development of a new video quality metric, termed Video Multimethod Assessment Fusion (VMAF), that they claim better reflects human perception of video quality … Read More

Modeling Levels in Content-Adaptive Encoding

Co-Authored By Dane Kottke In a previous blog post, we described the challenges of adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming, where OTT video content providers must encode and store each source video at multiple frame resolutions and bitrates, with the collection of … Read More

Improving Adaptive Bitrate Streaming via EuclidIQ’s Content-Adaptive Encoding

Co-Authored By Dane Kottke In their quest to provide the best viewing experience at reasonable costs, OTT video distribution companies have traditionally relied on adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming. In ABR streaming, each source video is scaled to multiple frame resolutions … Read More

Getting on the HEVC Train

Apple’s recent announcement at its Worldwide Developer Conference that it would support HEVC/H.265 in its next versions of iOS (iOS11) and macOS (High Sierra) resulted in a flurry of excited posts within the video compression community. Such a reaction was … Read More

What EuclidIQ has been up to

Here’s a fun fact: The social media output of a startup is inversely proportional to the number of projects it has in flight. Another fun fact: The above is an excuse, not a fact. It’s been a busy first half … Read More

Technology improvements that have driven the growth of online video

There has been exponential growth in video streaming for television, cable and movies over the last few years.  Evidence of this is the fact that 62% of US consumers use SVOD.  52% of those consumers use Netflix and the numbers … Read More

2016 The Year in Review

A review of the changing video streaming landscape in 2016. In 2016 we saw Youtube, Twitter and Facebook jockeying for social media live streaming dominance.  There was LIVE video adoption by consumers with technologies like Periscope.  Live streaming was available … Read More

Video Technology took a front seat at CES 2017

At CES 2017, video technology, especially 4K was front and center. Key areas like VR, TVs, cameras, drones, video streaming platforms and gaming all showcased technology with 4K UHD. With video technology becoming more accessible, affordable and ubiquitous than ever … Read More