A new era of encoding dawns.


Elevate Your Encoder

Leveraging the cloud-based Perceptual Quality Optimization (PQO™) platform used by UptiiQ, our mobile video distribution service, Blackbox adds Signal-Adaptive Bit Rate Estimation (SABRE), another EuclidIQ patented technology, to offer a complete cloud-based video encoding solution.

PQO and SABRE are complementary technologies. PQO is frame-based, assigning more bits to the most perceptually important areas of the frame. PQO’s approach is based on the human visual system. SABRE is segment-based. The technology looks at all the frames in a video segment and uses a model to determine the necessary bitrate to achieve the desired mean opinion score, or quality level, in that segment.

Though SABRE and PQO work independently, SABRE’s determinations consider PQO’s bitrate reductions when setting the overall bitrate for each video segment. Put more succinctly:

SABRE + PQO = high QoE and low bandwidth

By achieving large bandwidth savings over Amazon’s Elastic Transcoder, like 32% for the StEM* video and 42% for 1080p mixed HD content, Blackbox meets the encoding needs of every size project. From a single file to a complete archive, no job is too big or too small to take advantage of Blackbox. Blackbox: visibly better encoding in the cloud, at pricing competitive with standard encoders.

* American Society of Cinematographers/Digital Cinema Initiatives Original Standard Evaluation Material (StEM)

Blackbox in Action

The videos shown here are 1080p fully compliant H.264 bitstreams encoded with Blackbox. Prior to encoding, a maximum allowable encoding bitrate or “standard” bitrate is specified, and a quality level is chosen to balance bitrate savings and encoding quality. Blackbox determines the lowest bitrate that maintains the chosen quality level and results in both significant bandwidth savings and high-quality encoding for all of these videos!

Hanoi - 1920x1080

Standard bitrate 5800 kbps

Rithm bitrate 2986 kbps (49% less)

Hiphop - 1920x1080

Standard bitrate 5800 kbps

Rithm bitrate 2852 kbps (51% smaller)

Mirror - 1920x1080

Standard bitrate 5800 kbps

Rithm bitrate 3519 kbps (39% smaller)

Runjump - 1920x1080

Standard bitrate 5800 kbps

Rithm bitrate 2005 kbps (65% smaller)

Stairway - 1920x1080

Standard bitrate 5800 kbps

Rithm bitrate 2935 kbps (49% smaller)

Take the Blackbox Challenge

One of the two videos sharing the split screen below uses 32% less bandwidth than the other side. Can you tell which side is more compressed?