A new era of encoding dawns.


Elevate Your Encoder

Leveraging the cloud-based Perceptual Quality Optimization (PQO) platform used by UptiiQ – our mobile video distribution service, Blackbox adds Signal-Adaptive Bit Rate Estimation (SABRE), another EuclidIQ patented technology to offer a complete cloud-based video encoding service.

While the above paragraph is fully buzzword compliant and addresses our love of acronyms, Blackbox technology itself is fairly easy to understand. PQO is frame-based, assigning more bits to the most important areas of the frame. PQO’s approach is based on the human visual system. SABRE is segment-based. The technology looks at all the frames in the segment, compares what it sees to a library of models, and uses a model to determine the necessary bit rate to achieve the desired mean opinion score , or quality level for a group of frames.

Though SABRE and PQO work independently SABRE’s determinations take into account PQO’s bit rate reductions when setting the overall bit rate for the segment. Put more succinctly:

SABRE + PQO = Awesome video

With bandwidth reductions from 30% to 50% over commodity video encoders, Blackbox meets the encoding needs of every sized project. From a single file to a complete archive, no job is too big or too small to take advantage of Blackbox. Visibly better encoding in the cloud, at pricing competitive with standard encoders.

Take the Blackbox Challenge

One of the two videos sharing the split screen below uses 30% less bandwidth than the other side. Can you tell which side is more compressed?