Why EuclidIQ Uses Subjective Testing (Part1)

“We need to do subjective testing.” This simple yet daunting directive was given by our company CEO, Richard Wingard, in a September 2014 meeting.  The engineers in the room recognized the significant challenges involved in subjective testing, but we all … Read More

Understanding Industry Approaches to Perceptual Quality Optimization

A recent article in Streaming Media magazine, which featured EuclidIQ and its IQ264 perceptual quality optimization technology, summed up the industry’s uncertainty around the term “video optimization”. Two other companies, Beamr and Cinova, were also profiled in the article. … Read More

What People are Watching and Why It Matters for Video Encoders (Part 2)

In a previous blog post, we surveyed the landscape of the types of videos that people watch and noted that many of the most popular types of videos (music, sports, gaming, action movies) contain a common element: motion.  We also … Read More

What’s So Great About EuclidVision?

With the proliferation of digital video in recent years in applications as diverse as cable TV live and on-demand broadcasting, Internet streaming, DVD and Blu-ray disc storage, and digital cinema with 4K resolution, the need for “better” video compression is … Read More

Further Thoughts on Codec Evaluations

Co-Authored By Vadim Tkhor  In two previous articles [1, 2] on compression performance, Donald Pian explained how two different codecs can be compared by measuring their encoding sizes for  the same video data at the same quality, with quality measured by peak-signal-to-noise-ratio … Read More

How Computer Vision is Changing HD Video Quality

These days, when the average person views video content – whether on a smartphone, tablet, HDTV, or theater screen – there are two common questions that come to mind:  “How is the quality?” and “Did I get it fast enough?”  … Read More