The Video Codec Fight: H.265 vs. VP9

A quiet struggle is underway in the video compression world. Two competing video codec technologies (H.265 and VP9) are in a battle to become the future de facto standard video compression format. H.265 is the successor to H.264, which is … Read More

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The Need for Higher H.264 Efficiency Continues…

As quality of experience on every device becomes an ever larger factor in the battle for viewers, traditional and over-the-top distributors of premium content have to meet new expectations of their consumer in order to remain competitive. … Read More

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How Far Away Are Consumers From Sharing Live Video in Action?

Your daycare calls and interactively shares a video with you of your son taking his first steps. Your friend is at a Lakers game, talking to you at home, and lets you witness the winning shot, as it happens. Life … Read More

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