The Rise of Cloud Gaming and The Call for Encoders

Playing video games using the Internet isn’t a new concept. Game consoles from Microsoft and Sony have enabled gamers to collaborate, dominate, and colorfully engage each other in virtual competition using their broadband connection since the 1990s.  And let’s not … Read More

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Slow connection as a snail

Consumer Frustration Mounts Over Inadequate Internet Speeds

Consumers are growing increasingly exasperated with slow download and upload speeds on both wireless and wireline networks. Several organizations that have taken the pulse of the consumer lately have reported that frustration is near the boiling point. These problems can … Read More

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Cup and ball guessing game success with hand revealing the correct cup

The Moving “Spectrum Crunch” Problem

Have you ever seen the shell game being played on a street corner? With recent news concerning data access why do I feel that the “spectrum crunch” or actually “data throughput availability” is being moved around like a ball and … Read More

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