What People are Watching and Why It Matters for Video Encoders (Part 2)

In a previous blog post, we surveyed the landscape of the types of videos that people watch and noted that many of the most popular types of videos (music, sports, gaming, action movies) contain a common element: motion.  We also … Read More

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Girl of generation Y doing many things at the same time (calling,  watching tv, Surfing the web and eating popcorn)

The Fight for Primetime Spotlight: TV and Second Screens

There are rumors circling in the video entertainment industry that TV is dead. Truth is, TV is far from dead and far from gone. However, there is a rise in multitasking using other devices while watching TV that has forced … Read More

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The Battle between IPTV and OTT

The trend of Internet-based video entertainment has drawn plenty of attention over the last few years, from consumers and service providers alike. IPTV (Internet Protocol television), and OTT (over-the-top) are the two hot terms in the space. Both use the … Read More

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3 Video Trends for 2014 and Pitfalls That Could Stop the Show

Video technology and streaming trends tend to reveal themselves more frequently through the habits of consumers controlling this digital movement. From consumer behavior to content availability, here are some trends to look for in the upcoming years, along with barriers … Read More

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