Video Artifacts: Blocking, Bleeding & Mosquitoes, Oh My!

We all experience video compression artifacts when watching videos.  Whether it is only a portion of a video frame or an entire frame, artifacts can be very annoying. At one time or another, all of us have seen the videos … Read More

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Compression Measurement Explained

Euclid Discoveries has an intense focus on improving video compression and reducing video bandwidth consumption. So it makes sense that we are equally interested in how compression is measured and how reductions in bandwidth utilization are expressed.  We asked one of our resident experts, … Read More

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Reed Hastings, Netflix, and the Future of Streaming Video

First reported by Multichannel News, a recent interview at the Copenhagen Future of TV Conference had Netflix CEO Reed Hastings promising that consumers won’t need more than about 15 Mbps to stream 4K video files once the content is up and running on the site, … Read More

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5 Things You Should Know About the Set-Top Box Market

From maturing markets to digital disruption, the set-top box (STB) market is experiencing a number of interesting challenges. Contributing to the complexity, content is being packaged in new and different ways, spurring growth in both complementary and competing streaming video media options. … Read More

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