Spectrum Watch: Obama Memo Asks Agencies To Share

The Spectrum shortage continues to garner attention in Washington as the White House released a “Memorandum” for the heads of Executive Department and Agencies requesting some fundamental changes in current spectrum use. … Read More

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What’s So Great About EuclidVision?

With the proliferation of digital video in recent years in applications as diverse as cable TV live and on-demand broadcasting, Internet streaming, DVD and Blu-ray disc storage, and digital cinema with 4K resolution, the need for “better” video compression is … Read More

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FCC’s Julius Genachowski: The Spectrum Chairman

Julius Genachowski AKA “the Spectrum Chairman” recently stepped down after an exciting four-year term.  Genachowski sat down with The New Yorker to talk about his legacy, the need for innovative work being done by companies like Euclid Discoveries, and what’s next … Read More

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