Announcing the Operability of EuclidVision’s Video Processing Prototype Codec on the Apple iPad and iPhone Platforms

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We are excited to announce that our EuclidVision Video Processing Prototype Codec is now available for use on the Apple iPad and iPhone platforms. Using the Apple development framework, we have created a seamless means by which the EuclidVision codec can be installed and operated on any iPad or iPhone.

Darin DeForest, Euclid Discoveries’ Lead Software Engineer, explained, “By adapting our software to run within the Apple iOS on iPads and iPhones, we are enabling a simple and effective means for distribution and use of the EuclidVision codec. And since Apple has a large and growing market share in smartphones and tablets, it was natural that we demonstrate our compatibility and operability on their operating systems first.”

“This is a critical and exciting step in our technology development and delivery”, said EuclidIQ CEO, Richard Wingard. “Euclid’s video processing technology delivers significant advantages when watching video over constrained networks, as is often the case on smartphones and tablets, when wi-fi connections aren’t available. Now I can see the EuclidVision codec in action, doing this on my iPad.”

This is just the beginning for EuclidVision, which is a foundation technology on which a whole host of technologies can be built. We have provided merely a foothold for engaging more advanced modeling, bridging the blocks of conventional compression to feature modeling and object modeling techniques. We have come a long way in the development of this revolutionary technology, and we are excited to see what else the new generation of video compression technology has in store.

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