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Spending too much on bandwidth while some customers still suffer with quality issues?

Despite ongoing increases in broadband access rates over fixed and mobile networks, the growing volume of IP video streams is making it increasingly difficult to deliver premium services at acceptable levels of quality using current adaptive bitrate streaming and H.264 encoding. EuclidIQ has the answer – Blackbox – our cloud-based encoder.

Real Technology for Real Encoding Gains

Leveraging the cloud-based Perceptual Quality Optimization (PQO™) platform, Blackbox adds Signal-Adaptive Bit Rate Estimation (SABRE), another EuclidIQ patented technology, to offer a complete cloud-based video encoding solution.

PQO and SABRE are complementary technologies. PQO is frame-based, assigning more bits to the most perceptually important areas of the frame. PQO’s approach is based on the human visual system. SABRE is segment-based. The technology looks at all the frames in a video segment and uses a model to determine the necessary bitrate to achieve the desired mean opinion score, or quality level, in that segment.

Though SABRE and PQO work independently, SABRE’s determinations consider PQO’s bitrate reductions when setting the overall bitrate for each video segment. and achieves large bitrate savings like 32% for the StEM* video and 42% for 1080p mixed HD content over Amazon’s Elastic Transcoder.