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Reach even the most bandwidth-limited audiences

Our next-generation compression technology helps you deliver the best video streaming experience, reaching even the most bandwidth-limited audiences. The Rithm AI cloud-based transcoder was built to deliver the best quality video at the lowest bit rate – ideal for streaming to emerging locations still dependent on 3G/4G networks.

Human Dataset
AI Encoding

Rithm uses human subjective testing data rather than approximate objective measurements during encoding. Rithm’s proprietary algorithms mimic the human visual system to optimize bandwidth while maintaining excellent video quality.


More Revenue
Better Performance

Increase advertising revenue and customer retention with better performance. Video encoded with Rithm starts faster and buffers less on average 45% over leading encoders. Whether it is sports or advertising, Rithm fixes this problem without compromising video quality.


Rithm is a best-in-class video transcoding solution adaptable to your video distribution workflow. Portal and RESTful API options make encoding fast and easy. Rithm is built on AWS making it reliable and scalable.

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