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Spending too much on bandwidth while some customers still suffer with quality issues?

Despite ongoing increases in broadband access rates over fixed and mobile networks, the growing volume of IP video streams is making it increasingly difficult to deliver premium services at acceptable levels of quality. EuclidIQ has the answer – Rithm– a highly innovative approach to cloud transcoding.

Rithm – AI Cloud Transcoding

Rithm is the next generation transcoder, applying artificial intelligence (AI) to the video encoding problem by implementing content-adaptive encoding (CAE). CAE automatically senses how “difficult” each video is to encode and adapts the encoding accordingly to ensure high quality for complex videos and maximum bandwidth savings for simple videos.

Rithm’s content adaptation models video quality on scores recorded by human subjects, so Rithm’s AI is based on human perception, not some engineer’s equations.  In addition, Rithm’s encoding employs perceptual quality optimization (PQO) to make encoding decisions that best reflect human perception.  With both content adaptation based on human scoring and encoding based on human perception, Rithm puts the “intelligence” back into AI.

Introducing Rithm
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Proven Results

Rithm provides great looking video by using human subjective testing data rather than approximate objective measurements during encoding.


Seamless Integration

Rithm is easy to use. Portal and RESTful API options make encoding fast and easy. Simply upload files to Rithm or integrate Rithm securely into your existing workflow. Rithm is built on AWS making it reliable and scalable.

Better Performance

Improves video start times and reduces buffering 15% to 75% for ABR streaming of a wide variety of HD content when compared to leading cloud transcoders.