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Spending too much on bandwidth while some customers still suffer with quality issues?

Despite ongoing increases in broadband access rates over fixed and mobile networks, the growing volume of IP video streams is making it increasingly difficult to deliver premium services at acceptable levels of quality using current adaptive bitrate streaming and H.264 encoding. EuclidIQ has the answer.

Better Performance

IQ264 is an H.264 encoding optimization technology that provides bandwidth savings of 25% on average. It reduces streaming video network costs and improves the quality of video for end users. IQ264 works within the encoder providing additional parameters important to the human visual system. As a result areas that are more important to your viewers are given more bits and are higher quality.

Seamless Integration

IQ264 is available as a software plugin and works with existing encoders to produce H.264 compliant encodes. Since it works with your encoder and is not a pre- or post-processing optimization technique, no changes are needed for your workflow and no changes are needed by your users.

Proven Results

During encoding IQ264 mimics the Human Visual System and provides input to the encoder on what areas are important versus unimportant to the eye. We use subjective testing to confirm our quality standards and bandwidth savings. Unlike objective metrics, subjective testing uses human subjects to view and score videos in a controlled environment and is the gold standard for video quality measurement.